About Us

Paaila Job is a Nepal Recruitment Agency, a bridge between candidates and companies. Helping companies with different roots recruit the capable candidate they need within Nepal. It helps companies to find the right candidate and job seekers to find the right position. We find a wide angle of people (like IT Professionals, managers, salesperson or good office team player, etc.).

Paaila Job offers a focused and user-friendly connection point for potential candidates and the companies in need. Our recruiting Team understands the local market needs and working environment, with more than ten years of experience in asset management. We know how to find the suitable people you need for in your Organization. We want to see your business be successful in Nepal.

We also provide the meeting platform for different new company starter, to share their ideas and make a good team.

Finally, we also assist companies wishing to find a Local distributor get in touch with those who are interested in taking on new products.