Business Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts

Business Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts

Jan 11, 2019   |   225
Business Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts

Business Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts

In business, you have to maintain discipline and follow several rules and regulations. Business etiquette is a most important factor for your business career. Once you have entered the world of business you have to take your every step by thinking twice. Have you ever faced with a question about your untidy clothes or unfamiliar behaviour or something else in your office time? It may make you feel guilty or uncomfortable and may problems arise in your job.

 We all do not care such things but they are playing a vital role in our life. So if you want your business life smooth and successful, you have to take care of some etiquette. If you will follow this etiquette, it may or may not give you a quality life but in case you are not following it you will lose your clients or may job also. So it is better to follow it.

If you are behaving nicely with your clients and colleagues they will respect you and you may be their ideal. But if your behaviour is irritating they will never be close to you and you will unable to create a friendly environment.  Your behaviour has a direct impact on clients, colleague, customers, and interviewers. You alone cannot take out your business. You need some helping hand. So always be an ideal person to whom people are respecting.

Here we came with a list of things which you have to do’s or don’ts in your business life so that you can save your job and have a happy business life.


We all know that the first impression is the last impression and I think our first impression started with our outfit. Isn’t it? Your outfit must be elegant in which you will look smart and tidy. Wearing a smart outfit does not mean it should be brandy and expensive. The outfit should simple and best. You should dressed with neat, tidy and ironed dress. It will be enough to give you a smart look. In your office, there may be a seminar or you have to present a presentation, in such condition dressed in a formal outfit. Never choose too bright or glitter colour dress.

 Your outfit reflects your own natural brand which should best so dress in the simple and light outfit. I am sure with this suggestion you will never face a problem in case of your dressing.


Don’t you think a smile is the best makeup for everyone? A single smile has the ability to correct and change many situations. A smile is very important in any business. Whether you are welcoming your clients or working with your colleague you should put a smile on your face. It makes you polite and sociable. It will help you to reduce your stress too. Never make angry facial expression while you are in your office. It will present your bad impression to your colleague which will decrease your reputation. So always be happy and keep smiling.


Now-a-day it’s a fashion of long nails, especially for women. Isn’t it? But event it is men or women, we prefer to trim your nails. In case you love to keep it, then keep it clean and tidy. Never go with your oily hair to the workplace, it will give you unattractive look. I think untidy nail and oily hair is enough to down your impression that I think will decrease your confidence level.

 Going to the office and putting too much makeup like you are going to a party will not work for your appearance. You need to just put a natural makeup with light shades. Always make a simple hairstyle and simple accessories.

In the case of man, they should knot a tie with a t-shirt which gives you a formal and official look. Set your hair and keep your bread clean and tidy if you don’t want to cut it. This grooming style will definitely give you a successful business life. 


If you have a habit to put your cell phone on speaker then from today now change this habit. It will not worth for your workplace. So keep the habit of putting your phone on silent and vibrate mode. Because putting in speaker with loud volume can disturb others as well to yourself while working. It will also create your bad impression and others may be irritated with it. If you can put your phone on silent mode then at least keep it in low volume with a simple ringtone.

Listening to Music

Most of us like to listen to music. Aren’t we? Some are even too much addicted. But in the workplace, it is not a good idea because it’s your working place, not a party place. If you can’t work without music or feeling bored then one thing you can do is listen to it with a headphone or earphone.

Be Friendly and Cooperative

Business life and working place need a friendly environment where you have to respect your senior as well junior. You should be cooperative with your colleague and should positive attitude. Always try to avoid complaining and gossiping about others works. Be a cheerful and constructive person it will surely give u great success in your work and life.


I think you all can live a wonderful business life with the above ideas related to your outfit, looks or behaviour. Always try to keep your best impression to others with your behaviour and work. It is hard to get a second chance to get success in your life. So never miss your first chance and grave your success in your first attempt. Try to be polite and humble in your office and maintain a friendly environment. You should motivate yourself every day so you can do best in your job.

Your today’s work can decide your future. So for better future work harder and give your best. Whether it is about your outfit, behaviour, looks or anything else, do not miss anything. Make everything perfect so that you can easily survive your business life and be the ideal person for others.