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For under developing country like Nepal, unemployment is a big challenge for the nation and its citizen. To overcome this problem Paaila job is playing the ultimate role by providing job facilities. Everyone wants their dream job but not all of them can grab it. Paaila job is making their great effort to provide the employee with the job they want. We are completely dedicated to our service so we can make our client and followers happy and satisfied. Because of its ultimate works and effort, Paaila job is one of the leading technology.

The rate of unemployment in Nepal is growing day by day. The unemployment rate of youth between 15-29 years is 19.2 per cent compared to 2.7 per cent for the gross population. It is predicted that over 400,000 youth should get into work. These amounts indicate the perceptible aspects of the employment provocation in Nepal. Despite unemployment, the people who are able to get the job are not of their types and choice. They are working as they have no choice. So it is also one of the big problems of our nation. The internet sector is still in improving condition and more people are being known about the vast and variety in this field.

Biratnagar is well known for its industries also called an industrial city. Paaila job also helps for startup and to enter into the sector of business. Their work and contact with marketer and representatives help to make clear understanding which will be helpful for your upgrade in this environment.

Our company create a path for both job seeker as well as an organization. We help to find a reputable company and job of a choice for job seekers. Similarly, we help an organization to find a perfect representative for their vacancy post. For the simple and perfect enlisting process, we always try to make the quality of data and technology. 

For now, service of Paaila job is limited within a small area but sooner it will able make it wider, advance and brighter. In today worlds job seeker does not visit any organization directly. At first, they go for searching for a job in a different field and then visit there. Many people cannot get their job of choice. Paaila job is one of the best searching paths where you can get the perfect job for you. If you want the job deserving for you then get in touch with Paaila job. We offer you many options about managing, editing, archiving, adding, deleting the jobs from different means of the management system and powerful interface. Because of this organization as well as job seekers can easily get information whenever they required.

After a job seeker finds their right job, they can also login to their account and apply for the job. Due to this job authorizer can get a full description of an individual such as name, qualification, area of job etc. After this, they can call for an interview and further process to find the perfect one for their post.

        We all are familiar with the wide area of the internet which is a great medium for data sharing over a huge mass. Paalia technology is using that “the internet” medium for their data transmission. So it will be very helpful for both job seekers and job provider. So we all must behave at least a general knowledge about the internet to make our life easy and perfect.

Biratnagar is an industrial area with a huge crowd of people where around 4 lakh citizen are living. The infrastructure of this area is under construction. We know that an increase in the quantity will result in the decrement of infrastructure. So in such crowd area searching for a job is as difficult as finding a needle in a big ground. Day by day people is migrating from their own nation to abroad. It may be due to political inconsistency or insufficient profession. Girls and boys of age 18-40 are moving to leave our country in search of a job. Due to this, our nation is losing their productive citizen. And remaining people about 40-50% have no information about the job opportunity available inside our own country. In this critical situation, Paaila Job is playing a great role to aware those 40-50% citizen. Paaila job helps them by providing job opportunity as per their experience and qualification and try to make that 50% to 100% productive. When the citizen will get the best job for them, they will not leave their country and can live a better life in their own nation.

Paaila Job has provided a great field for both job provider as well as a job seeker. Job provider can post their jobs for their agency and company. Similarly, a job seeker can create a login authentication by registering their detailed information. The people searching the job will go through the job vacancy provided by Paaila Job. If the given job is suitable for them then he/she will go through it for the further proceedings and if not then they will search for the next job. 


Paaila job is not taking any compensation from its visitors that it has to pay to the search agency. Despite this, it provides you with different available job vacancy. You just have to fill your detail for the post. Due to this, Search Company will able to find the right one for the post. If you are new to business or tech market and want to start your startup, we heartily welcome them and help them as we can. We always help job seeker for finding the right job and job finder for finding the right candidate.

Some of the people were confused in finding the job for them. They apply for hundreds of job vacancy according to their present mood. But this will be worthless and waste the precious time of enlisting company as well as themselves. But Paaila Job makes the advertising and enlist the best candidate for your post in your company.



Thus Paaila Job is one of the best choice and best sector for the citizen of Biratnagar. Paaila Job is like helping hand for those who want to get the job of their choice and for those also want the best candidate for their company. With our hard work and your support, Paaila Job can increase their service through World Wide. The main target of Paaila Job is to provide job according to the one's location so do not have to go miles in search of a job. If we can get a job in our own place then it will be very helpful for us, isn’t it?. We hope that this will decrease in the migration of our nation’s cities and forced them to stay and work in own country.